Humidors. Cigars require special care and every cigar smoker needs to have some knowledge about humidors and the proper storage of cigars.

This guide explains to the prospective buyer of a humidor what characteristics to look for when buying. It discusses the different options available on the market for humidifiers and hygrometers, critical components of any humidor, and gives recommendations on which options are considered best and why.

After purchasing a humidor, a number of steps must be taken before it can be used for storing cigars. Our short video tutorials will quickly guide you through the process.

We will explain what is the optimum humidity level for storing your cigars and provide instructions on what to do if your humidor has a humidity level which is too low or too high.

Finally we will address common concerns regarding storing cigars and will present solutions to typical problems that cigar smokers may encounter with their humidor and the storage of cigars over time.

Wishing all our readers the enjoyment of perfectly conditioned cigars.

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