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Navigating the diverse and complex world of cigars can be a daunting task, filled with conflicting information and unfamiliar protocols. Woggi understands the challenges enthusiasts face and has designed these guides to demystify the process, offering straightforward, no-nonsense insights that empower you to enjoy your cigars with confidence.

At Woggi, we go the extra mile for you. Our team meticulously curates a selection of the finest cigars, ensuring you have access to a world of premium options. From renowned classics to hidden gems, Woggi’s guides will introduce you to a curated collection that caters to every palate and preference.

Por Larranaga Montecarlos Cigars

This was a famous, mild and pleasant cigar, but discontinued in the year 2001.Review #48: MAR 23 As others have…

Woggi Admin Woggi Admin

V Cut vs Straight Cut for Cigars

Imagine a cozy afternoon. You have just settled into your favorite armchair, ready to unwind with a premium cigar. You…

Thomas Thomas

Cigar Punch vs Cutter

Just like preparing a gourmet meal, the art of cigar smoking starts with the perfect cut. We know you’ve carefully…

Thomas Thomas
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Romeo y Julieta No 3 Cigars

Medium in strength and a characteristic Romeo y Julieta style. Robust and…

Woggi Admin Woggi Admin

Bolivar Belicosos Finos Cigars – Cuban Cigars

Lots of ink have been used to talk about this Camapana, although…

Woggi Admin Woggi Admin

Cigares San Cristobal de la H.El Principe

The smallest cigar that this new brand make. It's a good cigar…

Woggi Admin Woggi Admin

Minneapolis City Council Preserves Cigar Sampling Exemption, But Limits it to 15 Minutes

Being able to light up a cigar in a Minneapolis cigar lounge…

Patrick Lagreid Patrick Lagreid

The Espinosa Sumatra

The Espinosa Sumatra: A Nutty Delight with a Spicy Edge The Espinosa…

Matt Rivers Matt Rivers

Cigar Review: Tatuaje TAA Limited Edition 2023

Ask your cigar store customer what TAA is they would be hard…

Barry Barry

Tatuaje 20th EL22 | halfwheel

Last year marked the 20th anniversary of Pete Johnson’s Tatuaje cigar brand.…

Charlie Minato Charlie Minato

Newton, Mass. Considering Banning Tobacco Sales to Anyone Born After 2003

Newton, Mass. is considering a generational tobacco ban, a law that would…

Charlie Minato Charlie Minato

All Saints and Micallef Go Their Separate Ways

All Saints Cigars and Micallef Cigars have jointly announced the decision to…

Eric Guttormson Eric Guttormson