The Importance of Quality Assurance and Traceability in Cigar Selection

Dear customers, we understand that the quality of the cigars you purchase is paramount to your satisfaction and enjoyment. That’s why every day we strive to select and offer you the best quality cigars from our trusted import partners. We only buy from official importers accredited by the cigar brands, ensuring you receive genuine products. For Cuban cigars (Habanos), the only official Swiss importer accredited by Habanos is Intertabak AG, providing you with the certainty that the cigars you buy are 100% authentic and not counterfeit or from the grey market.

The Risks of the Grey Market

Grey market cigars can pose significant risks to your enjoyment and health. These cigars may have traveled around the world and been stored irresponsibly, often missing the necessary phytosanitary controls imposed by the exporting countries. This improper handling can lead to contamination with tobacco parasites like “Lasioderma,” which can destroy your entire cigar stock. By purchasing from the grey market, you may be paying more for lower-quality cigars that could potentially harm your collection.

The Importance of Buying from Accredited Importers

When you purchase from accredited importers like Intertabak AG, you are not only ensuring the authenticity of your cigars but also supporting the entire chain of professionals who work to bring you quality products. As one saying goes, “Cigars aren’t better because you paid more for them!” However, cigars paid at the right price respect the people involved in every step of the process, from the cigar rollers to the importers, and from the conservationists to the sellers. By respecting this process, you ultimately respect yourself as a consumer, ensuring that you are purchasing top-quality cigars.

How We Guarantee Quality

Each box of Cuban cigars purchased from us has the following distinctive features to ensure authenticity:

  • The Green Cuban “Cellio”: This sticker includes a secret code hidden within, along with a bar code with a unique number identifying the box of cigars. You can verify this code directly on the official Habanos website.
  • Importer’s Sticker: On the back of the box, you will find the importer’s sticker from Intertabak AG, the factory code, and the production date. This information ensures that your cigars are part of the official distribution chain and meet quality standards.

We have also made significant investments in conservation facilities, spending over 150,000 CHF to ensure our stock of cigars is maintained in the best possible conditions. This dedication to quality and conservation is why we believe we offer some of the best cigars in Switzerland.

Our Rigorous Selection Process

With over 500,000 cigars in stock, our primary objective is to ensure the rigorous selection of the cigars we buy from our suppliers. We work exclusively with official importers who have signed contracts with the brands they represent for import into Switzerland. This commitment to quality guarantees and certifies the reliability and traceability of the cigars you purchase from us.

The Value of a Trusted Cigar Consultant

When you buy cigars from us, you are not just purchasing a product; you are engaging with a team that values quality and expertise. Our cigar consultants are knowledgeable and passionate about cigars, ready to guide you through the selection process and offer personalized recommendations. This personalized service ensures you find the perfect cigar for your preferences and that you are informed about the best practices for storage and maintenance.


Choosing quality cigars is more than just a purchase—it’s about respect for the entire chain of professionals who work to bring you authentic products. By buying from accredited importers and trusted sellers, you ensure the quality and traceability of your cigars. We are committed to providing you with the best selection and customer service, so you can enjoy your cigars with confidence, knowing they are authentic and well-preserved. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted source for quality Cuban cigars.

Cuba / Habanos guarantee seal / Individual barcode / Unique Habanos identification number, hologram and secret code contained in the guarantee seal.

You can click on the “Authenticity check” button below to check your cigar box. You will then be taken to a form which will tell you how to place the code of the product you wish to check.

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