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La Paline – One of the more alluring, enduring features of cigars is their often romanticized history.And one of the most historically significant American cigarmakers is none other than LA PALINA, since 1896. Most cigar enthusiasts associate heritage cigar manufacturers and marcas (brands) with Cuba, however, they’re wrong to presume that the Golden Age Nineteenth-Century Cigar Juggernaut (the original ‘Cigar Boom’) came to an abrupt halt at the Tropic of Cancer.

It didn’t. Cigar making and dark tobaccos migrated effortlessly all the way north to the Connecticut River Valley, and Northwest to the Great Lakes, specifically Chicago, the birthplace of La Palina Cigars (né Congress Cigar Factory).

La Palina 1948

La Palina 1948 Cigar Review: The La Palina 1948 cigar is a premium offering from the renowned La Palina Cigars…

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Sobremesa Brûlée Wagashi by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Cigar Review

A Sweet Surprise for Your Palate:Sobremesa Brûlée Wagashi by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Cigar Review. Are you ready to embark…

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The Espinosa Sumatra

The Espinosa Sumatra: A Nutty Delight with a Spicy Edge The Espinosa Sumatra, a recent addition to Erik Espinosa’s ever-expanding…

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La Palina’s newest release is a very special collaboration with Oliva Cigars.…

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