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If you love a good cigar – then you already know that a cigar cutter is the must-have tool in your arsenal of accessories as a cigar enthusiast. And while the merits of each type of cutter and the way cigars are cut have been recurring themes of many past debates, very little historical information exists about the cigar cutter. A cigar cutter is an instrument used to open a cigar for smoking, and there are several types producing different cuts in the head of the cigar.

  • Straight cut: single or double guillotine: single or double blade cutter.
  • Cigar shears: cigar shears can cut cigars of any size, and provide a clear view during the cutting operation.
  • Cigar punch: drills through the middle of the cigar head.
  • V” cut: the V cigar cutter is a very precise tool: making a correct cut requires much more attention than with a simple guillotine cigar cutter.

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