Cohiba cigars are synonymous with the best quality tobacco and are considered one of the greatest cigar brands in the world. They offer a complex smoke that is medium to full in body.

Renowned for producing some of the finest quality cigars available, such as the Behike 56, Cohiba use unique maturation techniques to create their famous cigars.Cohiba as a brand is fairly unique, in that it began as a national company of Cuba. In fact, the company was originally the private brand exclusively supplying Fidel Castro with cigars. Cohiba cigars were first released for public sale in 1982, and have since become one of the biggest brands in the cigar world.

Whether you’re a seasoned Cohiba customer or new to these famous cigars you’ll find plenty to choose from in our full range below.

Cohiba Riviera Lancero Arrives at Stores

The first non-Cuban Cohiba lancero is now available for sale. Last week, General Cigar Co.—which sells the red dot Cohiba…

Charlie Minato Charlie Minato
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