Colorado’s Cigar Tax Increases Again Today

The latest in a series of planned increases to Colorado’s tobacco tax went into effect today, as the tax rate…

Patrick Lagreid Patrick Lagreid

U.K. Generational Tobacco Ban Resurrected by New Labour Government

On Tuesday, King Charles will deliver the king’s speech, which will outline the plans of the U.K.’s newly-elected government. As…

Charlie Minato Charlie Minato

Seven Questions: White House Delays Menthol Cigarette Ban

Earlier today, the White House announced that it would once again be delaying a much-anticipated upcoming federal ban on menthol…

Charlie Minato Charlie Minato
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Latest Regulations News

Hearing for FDA Premium Cigar Lawsuit Appeal Scheduled for Sept. 13

Today, July 15, is the eight year anniversary of the filing of…

Charlie Minato Charlie Minato

North Carolina Tweaks Law, Allows for More Cigar Bars

A last-minute addition to a bill related to alcohol sales in the…

Charlie Minato Charlie Minato

California’s Tobacco Tax Decreases Today

Cigars sold in California are just a bit cheaper today, as the…

Patrick Lagreid Patrick Lagreid

FDA, HHS Ask Court to Dismiss Menthol Cigarette Ban Lawsuit

Attorneys representing the government in a lawsuit that seeks to force the…

Charlie Minato Charlie Minato

House Subcommittee Goes After FDA’s Plans for Flavored Cigar/Menthol Bans, Nicotine Limits

A bill that will fund the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)…

Charlie Minato Charlie Minato

Dutch Government Eyes Plain Packaging for Cigars & E-Cigarettes

Last week, the Dutch government announced that an upcoming proposal to introduce…

Charlie Minato Charlie Minato

Prince George’s County, Md. Legalizes Cigar Lounges

Earlier this week, the Prince George’s County Council gave cigar smokers a…

Patrick Lagreid Patrick Lagreid

U.K.’s Generational Tobacco Ban Tabled Due to Election

As it turns out, the United States won’t be alone in countries…

Charlie Minato Charlie Minato