Lighting a cigar correctly is important to enjoying a good smoke, as you want your cigar to burn evenly all around. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself having to relight and touch up the cigar constantly, and this takes away from the overall enjoyment of cigar smoking. If you search online for “how to light a cigar”, you’ll find many different articles and styles. There are a few basic steps to lighting a cigar, which we’ll review below.

Step 1: Use a good lighter, such as a torch. Do not use a Bic, Zippo, or any other lighter that will leave that nasty butane taste behind. The two best methods are either a wooden match or a good torch. Anything else will either impart a bad taste onto the cigar or not allow you to properly light it. 

Step 2: Toast the foot evening, and warm it up. This prepares the tobacco as you begin to light it. It’s always a good idea to start slow and warm the tobacco before igniting it, as it helps to ensure an even light. 

Step 3: Continue lightly touching the foot of your cigar with the tip of the flame, while you take mild, slow and even puffs. Rotate the cigar as you light it to ensure equal flame coverage. 

Step 4: Once  your cigar is fully lit and glowing red, exhale a short puff through the cigar. Be sure not to exhale smoke through it, rather clean air. This helps remove any impurities. Not necessary, just a step some cigar smokers light to do. 

As you smoke, you may find your cigar beginning to burn uneven. Simply grab your lighter/match and lightly touch it up. 

Remember to always smoke cigars gently and slowly. If you smoke too fast or take too fast of puffs, you’ll find the cigar burning hot, uneven and tasting horrible. 

When you’re finished smoking your cigar, allow it to extinguish itself. Do not smash out the foot of the cigar to extinguish it, as it’s bad form and something cigar smokers don’t generally do. 

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